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From the production of innovative building materials to modern cement plants, KIMA supplies turnkey solutions for the entire electrical and automation segment.

Our references include more than 300 major projects:

Cement plants: >220

Ball mills: >80
Vertical mills: >35
Rotary kiln lines: > 10

Lime sector: >45

Mining / Quarry : >35


KIMA has been a supplier to the cement and mining/quarry industries since 1987

The electrical switchgear and transformers used to supply and distribute energy to individual processes, systems and machines in a cement plant require a high degree of quality and availability. KIMA handles the design, planning, delivery, installation and commissioning. We work together with our customers to select the manufacturers of the different transformers and MV systems based on their requirements and any applicable operating equipment regulations.

KIMA has been a supplier to the cement and mining/quarry industries since 1987. In the early days, we only provided control and visualisation systems, which are still an important part of our product range even today. In order to meet the requirements of our customers, however, we have continuously expanded our range of services in the areas of medium voltage switchgears, transformers and control technology. KIMA is now a turnkey supplier for electrical technology in the cement sector.

Cement plants offer a broad range of automation and control technology. Highly sophisticated automation technology is needed in cement plants for quick processing machines in the packaging facility, various milling processes and complex kiln lines. The requirements are defined by the system or process and are used to select, programme and commission an appropriate control and visualisation system after taking the customer’s specifications and a cost-benefit analysis into account.

The engineering and entire planning of the hardware is carried out in accordance with the applicable regulations in the respective country, and also the operating equipment guidelines stipulated by our customers around the world. If desired, the customer is able to choose the drawing programme used to create the CAD circuit diagrams.