Maintenance and support services

Our committed service team at KIMA is responsible for the professional maintenance and repair of your plant, both during normal operation and also in the event of an incident.

Comprehensive maintenance and support services for your plant: The responsibility lies with KIMA

Our highly effective service team at KIMA will take over responsibility for your maintenance and servicing tasks. We possess all of the necessary expertise to service and maintain the electrical technology in your plant and if necessary carry out repairs in the event of a system failure. Our specialised support service team can help you with statutory audits and inspections and ensure that you have the legally-compliant documentation you need to conform with official guidelines, insurance requirements and fulfil any maintenance tasks required by manufacturers.

Our experienced service team at KIMA is also able to analyse faults in the automation technology and restore the plant to its original state. Our specialists at KIMA – who are already very familiar with your specific plant – can assist you with complex tasks such as servicing the process control technology and IT infrastructure or carrying out updates. Irrespective of whether we were involved in the original construction of your plant, we would be pleased to assist you with your maintenance and servicing tasks.

We are happy to assist you with:

  • General inspections of electrical systems
  • Maintenance of automation and remote control technology
  • Maintenance of SCADA systems
  • Software maintenance
  • IT service tasks