KIMA Energy

Alongside traditional energy distribution tasks, KIMA also realises innovative projects in the field of renewable energy generation (e.g. hydropower plants or biomass power plants).

In combination with state-of-the-art and powerful battery storage systems, KIMA thus makes an important contribution to the energy transition!

Medium Voltage (up to 33kV)

  • Engineering and documentation [>100 projects worldwide]
  • Transformers (oil or dry) [>220 installations]
  • Switchgear cabinets (gas and air-insulated) [>650 panels]
  • Protection devices (incl. parameterisation and connection)
  • Cabling / installation / commissioning
  • Equipment and accessories (e.g. ready-made container solutions)
  • Service and maintenance

Hydropower plants of medium capacity [>220 projects]

  • Machine protection [>60]
  • Voltage controllers
  • Grid synchronization units
  • Turbine controllers [>30]
  • Level controllers (OWQ) [8]
  • Generator protection
  • Primary power control (PLR)
  • Secondary power control (SLR)
  • Tertiary power control (TLR)
  • Black start capable power plants
  • Realisation / reconstruction of local stand-alone networks
  • Emergency power systems and mains backup systems
  • UPS units (400V, 230V, 110V, etc.)

Energy storage / conversion

  • Gas caverns / compressor stations for storage and retrieval (e.g. L/H gas, H2, N, He)
  • GDRM (gas pressure control measurement systems)
  • Large-scale plants for refrigeration and distribution (e.g. cruise ships / frigates)
  • KIMA UPS solution for important frequency converter operated drives (UPS directly connected at DC link)

Other expertise

  • Recording, archiving and evaluating energy data according to DIN EN ISO50001
  • Load management software (e.g. to avoid peak loads)
  • Low voltage main distribution panels up to 4500A/690V (type tested according to DIN EN 61439)
  • Power analyses (e.g. harmonic analysis)
  • Power filters (e.g. central AHF filters)
  • Power factor correction units