KIMA Chemical

The chemical industry has been an important customer sector for KIMA since the early 1980s. Alongside various projects in the petrochemical and OXO chemical industries, KIMA has also been working on projects in the nuclear sector for many decades. More than 1,500 projects for over 50 clients have been realised by KIMA since 1987.

Highest process requirements - safe and reliable automation

KIMA fulfils special requirements in the chemical and nuclear sectors, such as the security clearance of our employees or classified information audited by the BMWK. Other customer requirements with regard to radiation protection, orders by the district government and IT security (ISO 27001) are also fulfilled.


We implement solutions in the field of electrical and automation engineering for the following sector requirements:

  • Fail-safe and highly available control systems
  • Explosion protection
  • Earthquake safety
  • Functional safety / implementation and verification according to PLr or SILr
  • KTA requirements