Migration of a cement mill

Migration of the complete process control system at a cement mill during ongoing operation.

Control system:

  • 2 x SIMATIC S7-400 CPU 410-5H at each cement mill

Operating and monitoring system:

  • PCS7 with CEMAT
    • prior to migration: PCS7 V6.1 with CEMAT V6.1
    • Redundant PCS7 server system
    • PM server (Siemens PM Quality/PM Control as process management system)
    • 6 x PCS7 clients
    • 1 x PCS7 engineering station

Bus systems:

  • Industrial Ethernet:
    • Connection between the PLC and the operating and monitoring system
  • Profibus:
    • Local connection to decentralised peripheral equipment

Noteworthy aspects:

  • The old SIMATIC S5 control systems/components had to be replaced with the latest components within a very short space of time prior to migration
  • Parallel operation of old/current process control system until all the control systems/plant parts had been updated step-by-step to the current PCS7 version
  • Avoidance of prolonged downtimes or loss of production due to the step-by-step migration/parallel operation