Satisfied customers are the foundation on which our company is built

This is all thanks to the more than 100 employees from our region, many of whom have turned their hobby into a profession.
The name KIMA has been associated with exemplary engineering services in the field of control and instrumentation technology since 1987. From engineering services through to switchgear construction and commissioning, KIMA develops customised applications for various different production and technical processes.

KIMA supplies complex control and instrumentation systems worldwide to a broad range of industrial sectors, such as e.g. the cement/brick/earth industries, power plants, water works and the food industry. The company can also supply redundant, highly available and safety-oriented control systems if desired. Furthermore, our wealth of experience includes system migration projects during ongoing operations.

KIMA develops its own young engineering talent in line with its motto “quality continues to grow – within our own company”. An important aspect of our philosophy is thus to make sure we offer a permanent job to almost all of the students who wrote their thesis for their bachelor degree or diploma in one of our projects. We also place an increasing focus on developing the in-depth knowledge and practical expertise of our apprentices.
This is because we are keenly aware of our corporate social responsibility towards young people and our employees.
The results of this forward-looking human resources policy can be clearly seen:
We have a very low employee turnover and our employees have a high level of identification with the company.

We currently have more than 100 employees, including over 70 % engineers / technicians / master craftsmen / electrical fitters (switchgear construction).

Another aspect of our corporate philosophy is our aspiration to retain electrical engineering knowledge and a certain amount of process engineering knowledge within KIMA so that we can provide our customers with the necessary support in these areas.

We believe that it is better to acquire specialised, in-depth knowledge in some areas, such as process engineering, in order to achieve the highest levels of customer satisfaction.

In order to improve our range of services even further, we are also actively engaged in various research projects, e.g. with the University of Kassel on the subject “Water resources as a significant factor for the energy transition at a local and global level”.

Electrical engineering with exciting perspectives – worldwide!