The KIMA range of services - individual and sector-specific.

More than 3,000 successfully completed projects in more than 40 countries around the world - these figures speak for themselves.

We guarantee our high quality standard by constant employee training and continuous improvement processes. For us, quality is when the customer returns rather than the product.

We realise your project from start to finish, because satisfied customers are the foundation of our company. Our range of services is based on various business sectors, such as cement, nuclear technology, hydropower, waterworks, foodstuffs or general mechanical engineering. Sector-specific requirements of the individual customer can thus be implemented more efficiently in technical solutions.

Consulting | Engineering

A reassuring feeling from the very beginning:
Already during pre-planning (Pre-Engineering) you will profit from our international, long-time experience in a wide variety of production sectors. We provide fair, objective and transparent advice during every phase of the project.

Quotation can be prepared on the basis of enquiries, an invitation to tender, following technical discussions or an on-site visit. Of course, we also take any existing company standards, applicable regulations and the latest state-of-the-art technology into account.

Engineering is an essential part of our scope of supply (Basic- and Detail Engineering). This includes planning the medium voltage technology, power distribution system and the electrical control technology. In detail, this entails:

  • Layout planning for electrical switchgear rooms / switchgear systems
  • Earthing and overvoltage protection
  • Layout drawings of the switchgear panels / networking overviews in MS Visio
  • Definition of the systems / components taking into account the customer's specifications
  • Short-circuit current calculations and design of cables / fuse elements in Caneco BT / Siemens Simaris
  • 2D/3D cable route planning in Caneco BT / Autocad
  • Preparing the CAD wiring diagrams in Eplan P8
  • Preparing function charts and process sequences
  • Preparing the necessary test and inspection protocols
  • Preparing acceptance and final documentation
  • Risk assessment for assembly activities
  • Design / mathematical verification for functional safety according to customer specifications (PLr / SILr)
  • Planning and documentation of electrical engineering in explosion-protected areas

Medium-voltage switchgear | Transformers

KIMA plans, projects and installs medium voltage switchgears up to 36kV.

The components – such as transformers, medium voltage switchgear cabinets and protection relays – are engineered in-house by KIMA, purchased from renowned manufactures and installed and commissioned on our customer's sites by our specially certified employees.

Switchgear construction | LV distributions | Control cabinets

A high level of care and strict quality control measures are needed when manufacturing our switchgear cabinets. KIMA follows standardized and certified operational procedures to guarantee that this is the case:

  • The switchgear cabinets from our own workshop in accordance with the regulations issued by the VDE, IEC, UL, British Standards, etc. and in compliance with various factory standards and customer specifications
  • UL-Panel Shop as per UL508a, NFPA79 for the northamerican market
  • The switchgear cabinets are then tested in accordance with national and international guidelines/regulations
  • Only switchgear cabinets that have been appropriately inspected and tested are permitted to leave our workshop
  • At the customer's request, we can carry out pre-acceptance tests including corresponding software with process simulation at our or your plant
  • Mechanical production and processing using computer-controlled processing machines (Rittal Perforex)
  • Low voltage distribution cabinets up to 4500 A / 690 V
  • A high quality standard thanks to standardized design structures using tried-and-tested components

Together with our partner KIMA Austria, we offer our own high-performance and flexible switchgear construction.

Software development

Customised - Manufacturer-independent - Industry-specific

More than 30 software engineers and technicians use common automation solutions from well-known manufacturers:

  • Siemens (PCS7, PCS neo, TIA-Portal, Step7, Step5, WinCC, WinCC Unified/flexible, COROS LS-B/C)
  • Schneider (Citect, Intouch, Control Expert)
  • ABB (800 xA, ABB Advanced Controller)
  • Allen Bradley by Rockwell (AB Control/Compact Logix, Factory View)
  • Mitsubishi (Q-Series, FX-Series)
  • GE (iFix)
  • Videc (Acron, AIP)
  • MS Visual Studio (High-level languages and database applications in e.g. C++ or C#)

A modernization increases the lifetime and the availability of your plant. By individual retrofit measures, e.g. old Step5 controls can be replaced by us and downtimes can be avoided.

Control technology

Developing control technology for technical processes in a variety of sectors is an important part of the daily work of our engineers and technicians. The holistic approach to this development also means understanding the specific requirements of our customer’s processes and translating them into customised solutions. The latest simulation methods can be used to precisely emulate the process in advance so that we can optimise your new controller.

  • PID controllers
  • Characteristic diagram controllers
  • Hybrid controllers
  • Adaptive controllers

Visualisation | Process control systems

"Easy to use" and "learning by doing" are central statements in our visualisation applications. A clear hierarchy and structured organisation provide the basis of a self-explanatory visualisation that enables your staff to operate a plant without using a complex operating manual. We offer:

  • Design of visualisation applications for process and machine controllers as well as logging and reporting, taking into account various system providers
  • Drive diagnostics
  • Measuring point diagnosis
  • Operating mode diagnosis
  • Display and parameterisation options for complex controllers
  • Management information systems
  • Use of standard visualisation systems (WinCC, Citect, Intouch, etc.)

Management information systems (MIS)

As well as developing SCADA and process control systems for the operation and monitoring of technical processing plants, KIMA also collects the production data and makes it available to higher-level management systems.

Important requirements in this area include long-term archiving, the compilation of data and evaluation functions (e.g. reporting or long-term trends). KIMA is not only able to provide traditional solutions from Siemens (PM Analyze) but is also an official system partner for the Acron product.

Electrical installation | Commissioning

Safety on your construction sites has top priority.

Within the scope of turn-key solutions, it goes without saying that we also assume responsibility for the complete electrical installation.
Your advantage: one company in charge of all your questions as well as a coherent concept from a single source.

We carry out:

  • Site installation and supplies
  • Extension of cable routes
  • Installation and assembly (of e.g.: switchgear cabinets, control points, etc.)
  • Installation and connection of all necessary cables and conductors
  • Building installation (e.g. safety lighting)
  • On-site installation (e.g. core drilling, cable sealing, fireproofing, raised floors, switch room equipment, etc.)
  • Testing of the electrical installation according to DIN VDE
  • Assembly and testing of the required earthing and protective measures

KIMA is certified by TÜV Nord according to DIN ISO 45001. Our goal is to maintain and protect the health of our employees and all project participants on your construction sites.

This includes the following measures:

  • individual risk assessments of our working environment on the construction site
  • annual safety training at our company
  • First-aid training (>75% of our employees are trained first-aiders)
  • Occupational medical examinations of our employees depending on the area of responsibility
  • PPE (customised for corresponding risk areas)
  • etc.


KIMA's experienced engineers carry out the commissioning of your plants and process controls. This essentially includes:


"Cold" commissioning:

  • Commissioning of the bus systems
  • Setting and parameterisation of our scope of supply (e.g. frequency converter, SIPROTEC protection devices, measuring transducers, etc.)
  • I/O test of the entire periphery (sensors, actuators)
  • Function test of the safety-relevant emergency shutdowns
  • Manual operation / interlocking test (e.g. external systems)
  • Automatic operation (without material)

"Warm" commissioning:

  • Coordination with the people in charge of the plant
  • Start-up of the plant (with material)
  • Automatic sequences
  • Documentation by means of special test protocols, e.g. drive and measuring point control sheets
  • Training and instruction of production and maintenance personnel after commissioning
  • Process optimisation jointly with the customer
  • Production support
  • Individual on-call service (e.g. during trial operation)


In case of complex processes, we offer our customers a pre-commissioning (FAT - Factory Acceptance Test). State-of-the-art simulation methods can be used to simulate process characteristics and thus test the user software in advance.