Retrofitting of functional safety in 3 shaft furnaces

Complete engineering and delivery of the retrofitted electrical and automation technology. Starting with the design and delivery of the necessary safety components, to the supply of the new switchgear panels, cable and installation material incl. assembly, to the software development and commissioning of 3 shaft furnaces with 2 firing shafts each.

Retrofitting safety functions in existing systems is sometimes a complex undertaking. Safety-critical applications often require complex control logic that must take into account different scenarios and fault scenarios. In the event of a fault, the control system must be able to identify the fault and take appropriate action to ensure safety. Functional safety is regulated by the IEC 61508 standard. Compliance with this standard requires specific expertise and documentation and has been engineered and implemented by KIMA in close consultation with TÜV and authorities.

Control system:

  • One retrofitted CPU S7-1511F per oven with DP/DP coupling to an existing S7-410H master control

Operating and monitoring system:

  • PCS 7 with CEMAT

Bus systems:

  • Profibus / Profinet:
    • Local connection to decentralised peripheral equipment

Noteworthy aspects:

  • Retrofitting of functional safety according to PLe during a short downtime of the shaft furnace groups