Lime plant PCS7

In preparation for various projects, a DCS environment was developed based on the process control system SIMATIC PCS7 CEMAT. The process control system was set up within a virtual server environment (ESXiServer). The WinCC server and WinCC clients are set up in the virtual environment and run in a Windows domain.

Control system:

  • 8000 OS process objects
  • 1000 AS process objects

Operating and monitoring system:

  • 1 x central engineering station ES
  • 1 x redundant PCS7/WinCC server (2 units)
  • 6 x multiclient with SFC visualisation
  • 1 x KsHistBuilder

Bus systems:

  • Industrial Ethernet

Noteworthy aspects:

  • Implementation of the system software in a virtual server environment (ESXiServer)
  • KsHistBuilder was used for transferring messages and archived process values from the process control system to an SQL database and for automatically setting up a long-term archive for the production data based on the existing short-term archive