Cruise liner, reconstruction of the control system from S5 to TIA

Renewal of the automation technology for the refrigeration system on a cruise liner. Engineering, CAD circuit diagrams and delivery of the complete control system, software development, installation, commissioning and training were part of the scope of supply.

Control system:

  • Siemens (TIA)
  • 15 x SIMATIC S7-1500; CPU 1510SP-1PN
  • 1 x SIMATIC S7-1500; CPU 1512SP-1PN

Operating and monitoring system:

  • Siemens (TIA)
  • 1 x WinCC Advanced (PC)
  • 1 x Engineering station / remote maintenance (Notebook)
  • 7 x Key Touch Panel 900 Basic
  • 8 x Key Touch Panel 900 Basic

Bus systems:

  • Industrial Ethernet/Profinet
  • Plant bus (Profinet)
  • Peripheral bus (Profinet)
  • Wireless LAN board net (IE/web access)

Noteworthy aspects:

  • Replacement of the old control system incl. I/O peripheral equipment and placing the new system into operation during a short layover in a shipyard in Spain
  • Consistent Profinet concept with fibre-optic ring network