Control system for a research laboratory

Control system:

  • Redundant and highly available S7-400 system with special customer requirements
  • Redundantly linked S7-1500 (CPU1516) system to record about 800 measurement values in real time
  • Connection of 5 test stations with a total of about 500 measuring points

Operating and monitoring system:

  • Redundant operating and monitoring systems with a total of 12 servers (4 x trend, 2 x alarm, 2 x report and 4 x IO) from Citect (Schneider)
  • 8 x Citect Client workstations, 1 x Citect engineering station
  • Storage of test results and Citect configurations in an office SQL database to enable central evaluation
  • Connection to other databases via interface DLLs supplied by the customer

Bus systems:

  • Redundant bus systems
  • Industrial Ethernet
  • Profibus

Noteworthy aspects:

  • Exchange of multiple distributed Citect SCADA systems to a central Citect SCADA system (merging of existing projects)
  • Recording of approx. 1,500 measurement values incl. recording of the time stamp at the measuring point
  • Recording of approx. 190,000 messages and faults