Planning services for electrical engineering for a thermal power station

Entire EMSR planning of the TGA of a thermal power station based on the planning phases 1-9 of the HOAI.

Service phases 1-9 according to HOAI:

Service phase 1 - basic evaluation:

  • Clarification of the task and objectives with the client.
  • Determination of the basic principles and boundary conditions for the building project.
  • Analysis of the building site, legal and urban planning framework conditions.
  • Preparation of a preliminary study or feasibility study to evaluate possible solutions.

Service phase 2 - preliminary planning:

  • Development of design ideas and proposed solutions for the building project.
  • Preparation of sketches and design plans.
  • Cost estimation and profitability calculation for the different design variants.
  • Coordination of the designs with the client and, if necessary, the authorities.

Service phase 3 - design planning:

  • Further development of the selected design in technical and design terms.
  • Preparation of detailed design plans, floor plans, sections and elevations.
  • Obtaining official approvals and coordination with specialist planners.
  • Cost estimation and review of costs within the budget.

Service phase 4 - Approval planning:

  • Preparation of the building application documents and all necessary documents for the building permit.
  • Coordination with the authorities to obtain the building permit.
  • Continuation of the planning in technical terms, determination of materials and technologies.
  • Updating the cost calculation and adjusting the project to the budget if necessary.

Service phase 5 - implementation planning:

  • Detailed preparation of the execution documents for the construction work.
  • Preparation of true-to-scale plans and drawings for the tradesmen.
  • Preparation of technical specifications and performance descriptions.
  • Coordination with the specialist planners and, if necessary, changes to the plans and details.

Service phase 6 - Preparation of the award of contract:

  • Preparation of tender documents for the various trades.
  • Obtaining offers from potential contractors.
  • Examination and evaluation of the bids.
  • Preparation of the award recommendation for the client.

Service phase 7 - Participation in the award of contract:

  • Supporting the client in the awarding of construction services.
  • Participation in bidder discussions and award decisions.
  • Examination and evaluation of the offers with regard to quality and costs.
  • Participation in the awarding of contracts to the selected contractors.

Service phase 8 - Project supervision:

  • Supervision of the execution of the construction project from a technical and scheduling point of view.
  • Coordination of the various trades and specialist planners.
  • Documentation of the construction work and identification of defects.
  • Cost control and accounting of the services rendered.

Service phase 9 - Property management and documentation:

  • Supporting the client during the commissioning of the structure.
  • Elimination of defects and warranty tracking.
  • Preparation of the as-built documentation and handover to the client.
  • Completion of the service phases, archiving of the planning documents and project documentation.