Sequencing station for a flooring production plant

Engineering, software development, switchgear manufacturing, preassembly, disassembly / final assembly and commissioning of the new central sequencing station in an interlinked manufacturing process.

Control system:

  • SIMATIC S7-300, CPU 317F-2PN/DP

Operating and monitoring system:

  • Touch Panel TP1500

Bus systems:

  • Industrial Ethernet (to the higher-level project order management system)
    • Profinet for decentralised peripheral equipment
    • SEW-specific bus for networking the servos and connection via an UOH11B gateway

Noteworthy aspects:

  • Acceptance and management of production orders
  • Property recognition of the components via a scanning system and storage of a component deposit management in the PLC
  • Fail-safe control system
  • The system was completely assembled, wired and pre-tested in advance
  • It was thus possible to carry out the conversion process in a very short downtime during multi-shift operation
  • Optimisation of the complex process steps and thus reduction of the cycle times during ongoing production