Groundbreaking emergency power concept for the water supply

Drinking water in the event of a power failure - as long as the Danube river carries water!

In the joint research project "LINDA2.0" between the Technical University of Munich, Augsburg University of Applied Sciences, the state water supply, LEW-Wasserkraft and KIMA, a new pioneering emergency power concept for supra-regional water supply was developed.

During the first LINDA research project, the possibility of emergency power supply to the waterworks by the hydropower plant was demonstrated in principle through many manual interventions. However, this required the presence of many experts. As part of the follow-up project LINDA 2.0, these processes were automated so that only minimal manual intervention is required in an emergency.

Among other things, KIMA implemented the entire control and automation technology as well as the turbine and level control on the power plant side. A simulation and training system was also part of KIMA's scope of supply. The implementation was mainly carried out by integrating it into existing automation technology.

During the field test on Wednesday 18 October 2023, the entire emergency supply was successfully tested in real life. In the event of a blackout, around 3 million people in and around Stuttgart can be supplied with water.

The field test was covered by several television stations: