Solar power for German cement plant

At a time when the energy transition is driving the expansion of the grid, the demands on medium-voltage switchgear are higher than ever. They are the link between our electricity grid and renewable energies and play a key role in stabilisation and distribution. KIMA is taking an active role in supporting the transition to a low-carbon economy and together with our customers we are accompanying this crucial step, day by day.

We design and install medium-voltage switchgear up to 36kV. In our FAT room, we test each panel before delivery in accordance with applicable VDE regulations.


Environmentally friendly medium-voltage switchgear without SF6 gas

We are currently planning a 16-field air-insulated medium-voltage switchgear (20kV/2500A) for the new feed of a cement plant in Germany. The special feature here is a separated busbar, both busbars together can distribute approx. 80MWp of green solar power and cover the cement plant's own requirements. In the coming weeks, we will install, test and commission the panels on site.

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