Waterworks with a Siemens PCS7 control system

The entire electrical and automation technology for six different plant sections was successively reimplemented by KIMA. These include:
2 x Raw water extraction pumping stations
1 x Infiltration system
1 x Well field
1 x Clean water pumping station
1 x Booster system

Control system:

  • 6 x SIMATIC S7-400 CPU 410

Operating and monitoring system:

  • Extension and migration of the PCS7 multiserver project implemented by KIMA
    • 6 x PCS7 servers
    • 4x PCS7 clients / or multiclients
    • 1x ES

Bus systems:

  • Profinet:
    • Connection of decentralised peripheral equipment
    • Connection to the frequency converter
  • Ethernet and Modbus TCP/IP:
    • Connection to the plant bus (PCS7)
    • Connection of important signals for each AS to a higher-level system

Noteworthy aspects:

  • PCS7 V9.x with APL and IL
  • 4 x TP1900 with planning for APL/IL modules
  • Migration of PCS7 (V8.x to V9.x)
  • Optimized pump operation via automated operation of the frequency converters based on the stored pump curves
  • MIS: Acron with June5
  • IT security: including segmentation (Automation Firewall/ScalanceS) and secure communication (VPN/V-Lan)