Sewage treatment plant (>120,000 EW)

KIMA was responsible for implementing the complete electrical and automation technology for, among other things, six different plant sections within a short period of time. These processes were completed in some cases in parallel and during ongoing operation. This included:
1 x Revitalization (six basins)
1 x Rain overflow basin (RÜB)
1 x Discharge pumping station
1 x Intermediate pumping station
2 x Wastewater pumping station

Control system:

  • 7 x SIMATIC S7-300 CPU 315-2DP/PN

Operating and monitoring system:

  • Extension of the process control system realized by KIMA (WinCC/Step7)
    • 2 x redundant WinCC servers
    • 10 x WinCC clients
    • 2 x Remote access/stand-by
    • 3 x Acron operating stations
    • 1 x SIMATIC ST7CC
    • 2 x TIA Panel TP2200 TIA Siplus
    • 3 x TIA Panel TP900

Bus systems:

  • Profinet:
    • Connection of decentralised peripheral equipment
    • Connection to the frequency converter
  • Plant bus:
    • Connection between the PLC and servers

Noteworthy aspects:

  • Operating concept independent of the PLC
  • IT security: including segmentation and secure communication between remote stations via ScalanceS
  • Radio link or SHDSL modems for TCP/IP-based integration of the remote operating stations
  • Explosive areas
  • Measurement technology
  • Lightning protection systems (internal and external)