Investment in new multi-level warehouse

In our ongoing efforts to further strengthen our locations and increase customer satisfaction, we are also planning a number of investments at our headquarter in Epe for 2024.

First of all, we are looking forward to starting the year with our new highly flexible multi-level warehouse.

The introduction of such a multi-level warehouse is not only a spatial decision (2.5 times the storage capacity), but also a direct customer investment:

Faster order processing, precise inventory control and reduced delivery times for our switchgear are immediate results. The new flexible storage strategy continuously adapts to the needs of our customers and the constantly changing global markets. The multi-level warehouse in conjunction with our new automated flow of goods noticeably optimizes agile project processing and switchgear production. This warehouse transformation should be completed and all shelves filled by the end of March.

The acquisition of the multi-level warehouse is not just a response to current challenges, but a proactive preparation for the future.

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