First hydrogen cavern in Germany

Being able to store hydrogen in large quantities means making renewable energy sources flexibly available. This is essential for a decarbonised energy system in the future and the development of a hydrogen economy in Germany.

Cavern storages, as they have been used worldwide for many years for the storage of gas and oil, recently became crucially important for Germany last winter. With its industry-specific process knowledge in the gas industry, KIMA has already equipped cavern storage facilities with electrical technology in several projects and integrated them fully automated into large SCADA systems.

In a current project, we are supporting our client in Germany's first hydrogen cavern as a storage solution for green hydrogen on a commercial scale. The storage volume is 200,000m³ of hydrogen. Commissioning is planned until March 2024. During the subsequent test operation, we can gain important experience together with our client regarding technology and operation in the storage of hydrogen.

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