About us

Satisfied customers are the fundament of our company

We owe this to the more than 100 employees from our region who have turned their passion into their jobs.

Since 1987, the name KIMA has represented a high performance level in electrical engineering, especially in the field of control systems. Ranging from engineering and switchboard construction to commissioning, KIMA develops tailor-made solutions for different applications in the field of production- and process automation. Throughout the world KIMA supplies complex automation and control systems to various lines of business, e.g. cement, food and environmental industries. If required, we supply redundant, highly available and safety related control systems as well.

True to the motto "quality matures - in our own company", KIMA promotes its own young engineers. Therefore, part of our philosophy is to employ almost all of the students who finish their final thesis with our projects. In addition, we attach great importance to in-depth knowledge and practical know-how of our trainees. We are well aware of our corporate social responsibility towards young people and our employees. The result of this anticipatory personnel policy can clearly be seen: a low staff turn-over and a high level of identification of our employees with our company.

We now employ almost 120 people, including 40 electrical engineers, 37 electrical technicians/masters, 20 skilled workers, 3 IT specialists, 8 business clerks and 11 trainees.

Another company philosophy is the ambition to have a certain amount of process engineering knowledge available at KIMA in addition to electrical engineering knowledge, in order to be able to provide our customers with the necessary support.

We believe that it is better to acquire special, in-depth knowledge in some areas, including process engineering, in order to achieve the highest level of customer satisfaction.