Freeze drying plant in Russia

Engineering and delivery of the complete electrical technology incl. software development, commissioning and training of the employees for a freeze-drying plant.

Control System: 
2 x SIMATIC S7-400, CPU414-3P
• Process and transport
1 x SIMATIC S7-300, CPU315F-2DP
• Safety-system

Visualization System: 
WinCC V7.4
• Communication of SIMATIC S7 stations via Industrial Ethernet
2 x Operation stations with multi-monitor operation
• Time sequenced reporting via alarm 8P modules
1 x mobile operator station (SIMATIC Mobile Panel MP277) via Profibus with 7 plug-in options at the plant
• Product tracking of over 600 trays
• Recipe management with data
storage in SIMATIC S7 controller

Network System: 
Industrial Ethernet
• Communication of SIMATIC S7 contollers among themselves and with the B&B-System

• Local connection of decentralized periphery, frequency converter, weighing systems, servo controller S7-300 CPU317-T

Profibus Safety Integrated
• Decentralized connection of safetyrelated sensors and actuators

• Connection of external peripherals via a redundant optical ring

Due to Corona, a large part of the commissioning from Germany took place via secure remote access