A good feeling to begin with:
Already during pre-planning you will profit from our international, long-time experience in a wide variety of production sectors. We provide fair, impartial, and transparent advice in each and every project phase.

Engineering and CAD 

Engineering is an essential part of our scope of supply ranging from the planning of the medium voltage distribution level and the power distribution to the electrical control technology. This means in detail:

  • Concept design/safety assessment
  • Determination of systems considering customer specifications
  • Design of CAD circuit diagrams
  • Preparation of function charts and execution sequences
  • Preparation of necessary test and inspection reports
  • Preparation of inspection and acceptance documentation

Software engineering 

Our software development for process control engineering is always individually matched to our customers� needs. All common control systems that are available on the market can be programmed by us (e.g. Siemens, Schneider, Rockwell, ABB). Depending on the different industries we use software modules that we developed ourselves as well as standard libraries of different system manufacturers.