Challenging automation projects need intelligent solutions. KIMA develops tailor-made control systems for your machines and operational processes. Through our international experience in a wide variety of production sectors, KIMA is a partner at eye level offering you an extensive and highly attractive range of products and services. Not only our TÜV-Certificate DIN ISO 9001, already acquired in 1996, guarantees our quality management. We also maintain our high quality standard by constant training of our employees and continuous improvement processes. Quality means to us that the customer returns again and again instead of the product. In order to prepare you for the processes and contents of your process control system, we offer you our special - 

The KIMA scope of service - customized and sector-specific

We carry out your project from the beginning to completion because satisfied customers are the fundament of our company. Our scope of supply is based on different fields of activity, e.g. water, cement, chemical, foodstuffs and the manufacturing systems industry. Our customer’s individual, industry-specific requirements can thus be met with technical solutions most efficiently. 


In addition to the classic energy distribution solutions, KIMA also implements innovative projects in the field of renewable energy generation (e. g. hydro power or biomass power plants).

In combination with state-of-the-art and powerful battery storage systems, KIMA thus contributes significantly to the energy transition!

Medium Voltage (up to 33kV)

  • Engineering and documentation [>100 projects worldwide]
  • Transformers (Oil or dry) [>220 installations]
  • Switchgear cabinets (gas- and air insulated) [>650 feeder]
  • Protection devices (incl. parameterization and connection to PCS)
  • Installation / cabling / commissioning
  • Equipment and accessories (e. g. ready-made container solutions)
  • Service and Maintenance

Energy generation / power plants 

  • Machine protection
  • Voltage controller
  • Synchronization units
  • Turbine controller
  • Generator protection
  • Primary power control
  • Secondary power control
  • Tertiary power control
  • Black start capable power plants
  • Implementation / reconstruction of local island operation
  • Emergency power systems (stationary or as a container solution)
  • UPS units (400V, 230V, 110V, etc.)

Additional Know-How

  • Record, archive and evaluate energy data according to DIN EN ISO50001
  • Power management software (e. g. to avoid peak loads)
  • Low voltage main distribution up to 4500A/690V (type tested according to DIN EN 61439)
  • Power analyses (e. g. harmonic analysis)
  • Power filter (e. g. central AHF filters)
  • Power factor correction units
  • KIMA UPS solution for important frequency converter operated drives (UPS directly at the DC circuit!)


We would like to present to you our business area KIMA CEM CONtrol, our overall scope of supply for cement industries.

Electrical switchgear cabinets and transformers for power transmission and distribution for the individual processes, plant units and machinery in a cement plant require a high level of quality and availability. KIMA Automatisierung executes the design, the planning, the supply as well as the installation and commissioning. The selection of manufacturers of individual transformers or medium voltage switchgear cabinets is carried out together with our customer according to his requirements and specifications.

Since 1987 KIMA has been a supplier for the cement and mining industry. Initially, we only delivered control and visualization systems, which still are an essential part of our portfolio. Due to customer requirements the ranges of medium voltage switchgear cabinets, transformers and control systems have been expanded continuously. Meanwhile, KIMA has become a turn-key supplier for electrical engineering in the cement and mining industry.

Cement plants offer a broad field for control and process technology. From special machines in packing plants and the various grinding processes to complex kiln lines, sophisticated automation technology is necessary in a cement plant. The plant or the process determines the job profile. Accordingly, a suitable control and visualization system is selected, programmed and commissioned. The customer specifications as well as a cost-benefit analysis are taken into account.

The engineering and the complete hardware design is done in compliance with the relevant country-specific regulations as well as the vendor lists which our national and international customers need to adhere to. Following our customer’s demands, the CAD circuit diagrams can be issued with a drawing program of his choice. 


We would like to present to you our business area KIMA Water CONtrol, our overall scope of supply for water industries.

Technical systems for the water supply and sewage disposal as well as process water systems, hydropower plants or public swimming pool technology require a maximum of quality and availability. Due to long-time experience KIMA is your correct point of contact because our know-how is in demand around the world! Our engineers’ comprehensive project experience, their specialized know-how, and the innovative impulses are recognized and asked for across national borders.

Hydropower is an important section of the power plant technology. KIMA has already realized the electrical and automation technology of various barrages in Southern Germany for the production of electrical energy from water power. The regulation and thus the handling of the medium water in huge masses are familiar to us. The electrical energy produced is to be handled safely. We issued a preliminary study for our client regarding the development of a water management system for the automatic channeling of levels and flow rates.

An essential aspect of our scope of supply is the After-Sales-Service and the support in case of failures or plant expansions. In an emergency we are reachable around the clock for you. Apart from this service, the availability of an extensive spare parts depot for the control and automation technology is guaranteed as well. We attach the greatest value to maintaining our good business relationships with our customers. With us you receive complete electrical engineering, from power supply transformer to sensor. 



We offer our training and simulation system for your process control system. Our clients have valued the benefits of this system for years. 

It is specifically designed for high-available, redundant systems and can realize the plant operators' requirements.

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