We offer the following products:

Your product is subject to continuous cost pressure and increasing quality requirements. By means of our products, we offer a contribution to support your performance.

Since 1987, we have developed customized solutions for process optimization (electronic ear Kima Smartfill). Over the years some of these solutions matured to KIMA products. These increase the safety of your employees, reduce costs and support your quality management goals.


Water based kiln cooling
Reliable and effective cooler for kiln shell.

efficient cooling
flexible usage for hot spots and complete kilns
ready-to-use modules
easy installation or relocation
targeted cooling on kiln's ...

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KIMA SmartFill (electronic ear)

Fail-safe „electronic ear“ to measure the fill level of cement grinding mills.

Fail-safe measurement, no influence of other mills or machines
Reliable functioning, even in plants with more mills
Explicit improvement of fill level - ...

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KIMA Smart Mill Control

Automatic start and change of brands Very fast boot up Stable and consistent operation without vibration Improved capacity
Regulation of acuracy with KIMA Online Particle Sizer (OPS) Regulation of material composition ...

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KIMA Smart Operation Software

Ranging from the small appliances, e.g. pump stations, to complete cement or water plants KIMA developed a WinCC/Step7 based standard. Our clients have valued the comparable functionality of KIMA's Smart Operation Software for years now. Our ...

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KIMA Smart Phone

Send out clear signals for state-of-the-art technology

Often, different protocols on different transmission media require customized solutions in order to observe, operate or maintain a faraway plant:

Transmission media:

Public/private ...

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KIMA voltage regulator

Control of synchronous generators for the power sector

The KIMA voltage regulator is used to control the voltage and/or the power factor of three-phase synchronous generators with exciters (Leonardsatz).

Standard components from ...

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