Solutions for environmental and supply technology 

To give you an idea of our business activities and our projects, we would like to introduce some of our projects now. 

More detailed information on projects that have already been completed or are still under construction can be found in our complete reference lists. We will gladly provide those during a personal meeting. 

Highly-available pressure booster with PCS7

Automation System for a new pressure Booster (DEA)as a replacement for an "old" water tower in a central urban Location. The remote station is part of ...

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2 Cruise liner, reconstruction of the control system from S5 to TIA

Renewal of the automation technology for the refrigeration system of two cruise liners. Engineering, CAD and delivery of the complete control System, ...

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Control system for a double regulated bevel gear driven turbine

Engineering, CAD, switchgear cabinets, software development, monitoring and commissioning of the complete control system as well as the training
of t ...

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6 x Hydropower plants ODK-Hydropower plants

Refurbishment of the electro technical and process control installation of six hydropower plants with 2 generators each and super ordinate external co ...

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Sewage treatment plant

Renewal of the process control system and renewal of the connection of more than 20 remote stations during ongoing operation. Engineering and delivery ...

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